Documents presented to officials

  • Certificate of the register of convictions (a.k.a. criminal record) for all related persons (shareholders, board members, ultimate beneficiary owners and responsible person)
  • Passport copies of all above mentioned persons

As a rule all documents must be in English (or Russian) and certified with an apostille. These documents may not be older than 3 months. It is also required to present rules of procedure for AML purposes. Usually this is prepared by a KRM Advisor. Officials have the right to ask additional information and they often ask:

  • CVs of related persons
  • Description of planned activities.

License obtaining process

To apply for above mentioned license(s) it must be done via company registered in Estonia or registered branch office of a foreign company in Estonia. As a rule we suggest to use local company not branch office as branch registration is clearly more complicated task.

When a local company is registered and all required documents collected we will pay state fee 345 EUR and apply for the license.

During  the license application process we also assist in current matters as authorities often have additional questions or they need clarifications.