Company registration

Once we have all initial information from you it usually takes 1-2 days to create the company.

In case you choose a ready made company, it is already created and ready to be transferred to you.

To transfer the company to your name you need to visit Estonia for 1 day. During that day we transfer the company shares and board membership to you. Changes will be visible in register in few days (max 1 week).

In case you want to start the company remotely (without visiting Estonia) - it takes usually 2-3 weeks additional time and involves some additional costs.

Registration for virtual currency services license

After the company is registered and we have received from you the information and documents mentioned previously we can do the rest of the job and apply for the license.

The process of an application

An application for activity license shall be processed by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) by granting or refusing to grant the activity license within 30 working days as of the date of submission of the application.

During the process FIU has the right to request additional information and explanations about the planned activity. License will be issued after all required info is considered sufficient and conditions fulfilled.

Real results of license registrations

Currently we have succeeded in getting the above mentioned licenses registered within 2-3 weeks with 100% success rate.